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International Volunteer Day on Global Volunteer Network

December 4, 2010 1 comment

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Just a little post to ask you your preference on Global Volunteer Network new design to mark the International Volunteer Day.

Global Volunteer Network website
Webdesign created to celebrate the International Volunteer Day

Global Volunteer Network website
Normal Website appearance


Last minute poster: Vietnam Cycling Challenge

December 3, 2010 1 comment

Pour la version française, c’est par ici

How to make a poster at the last minute with no title, no pictures (or unsatisfactory resolution) and too much content? I’m sure it must happen to you as often as to me, juggling the text to keep it readable without overflowing. The photos are interesting but too small to be A3 printed. Not to mention the time limit which is a constant in all the graphic world (web or print) and unfortunately a barrier to the imagination, inspiration.

In short, at the beginning, you have to sort through the information provided to define what will be the title, date, main text (if any) and contact information. This last will be relegated to the bottom of the poster.

The title is the most important part of a poster. Most passers-by will see it. If the title speaks to them, they will probably read the other information: date, location … and lastly, they should note the number or address listed in small print at the bottom of the poster. Suffice to say that the title has to be bold. For this post, it’s pretty simple, I assumed the title of the program: Vietnam Cycling Challenge, which contains three main topics of this event.

A word on the subject: Vietnam Cycling Challenge
Global Volunteer Network organizes many fundraising treks and challenges to support nonprofit organizations in areas where these challenges take place. Among others, there is the ascent to Machu Pichu, Everest and Kilimandjaro. The new challenge this year (April 2011) is a biking tour in Vietnam. More than 500km to go along the Vietnamese coast alongside local professionals to provide financial support to over 600 children living in orphanages in this region.

Returning to the poster, the title is the most important and should reflect the subject:

  • Where? in Vietnam
  • What? challenge, bike

The title is an assemblage of words, which is not really appealing to the eye. Why do you think the number of icons is raising on all buttons, menus (physical or digital)? This is not just to look pretty (even if that reason alone would be enough for me) but also to facilitate the work of reading. much like the comic book from our childhood.

For the poster, so I searched on Google Image (my muse) for each word main title. This allowed me to create different designs in Illustrator for:

  • Vietnam – Vietnam’s map with the flag,
  • Challenge – difficult one, finally the inspiration comes from Carbon Rally
  • Bike – stylized wheels in C and overlaid cycling bikes.

It only remains to integrate all: title, date (which must be at least as visible as the title) and text (where there is room still available). Of course, one option is to persuade sponsors to shorten the text. If you’ve ever tried, you know it’s easier to play on the spacing between the letters to gain a few inches :). Finally, contact information are included at the bottom of the page with the largest size possible in the remaining space, which is often the smallest in the limit of readability.

Here is the final result

Poster - Vietnam Cycling Challenge
Poster A3

Flyer - Vietnam Cycling Challenge
Flyer 1/3 of A4

Eat So they Can: Resources for free

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Eat So They Can is not over! It’s still time to be part of this global event. You have until the end of 2010 to register as an host, organize your diner, and maybe win a trip to Africa in connection with the distribution trip: distribution of the funds raised thanks to you. There are now nearly 1200 events in 94 countries.

For our part, we hosted our own lunch on Sunday, October 18: a BBQ despite the rain! And we collected $ 243.26 U.S. during this party.

From a development standpoint, there is still much work to do for improving the website… we’ve got plenty of new feature ideas for 2011! But for now, I suggest you take a look at these free online resources, my last artwork for Eat So They Can this year.

Resources are a full range of graphics products downloadable for free by the hosts that contain a considerable amount of information on the causes and our actions in various countries in need. Most of them are equally accessible to all users. In this library, there is a generic and a customizable poster, a flyer and an invitation to your party, a business card, a place mat, a sticker, all the DVD sections (the videos are also available on YouTube), a selection of recipes from the world, and the key facts (one poster per cause with details).

Here is a small graphic overview of these various documents that I advise you to consult for more information about the different causes championed by Eat So They Can and how to find a recipe that comes out of the ordinary:

Eat So They Can 2010 DVD
DVD’s jacket

Business Card Eat So They Can
Business card

Emergency Relief
Key fact: Emergency relief

Sticker Eat So They Can

Eat So They Can Flyer

Blue and Orange

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

My latest achievement is blue and orange as in “The Earth is blue like an orange”.

These are two complementary colors, which means a very strong and vibrant association. This association is more often used in illustrations for children or to highlight an icon, a button on a website. In short, the result is an illustration that leaves no one indifferent and catches the eye 🙂

The purpose of these registration banners created for Global Volunteer Network is to attract the attention of visitors, the use of these two colors corresponds to our needs. A plane and the clouds for the blue and an idea of travel (volunteering to another country), an orange stripe for contrast:

Volunteer Application form
Volunteer Application form

A slightly different version with less blue and more green for the “Be the Change”. Indeed, this one is a training program for those wishing to grow their own organization, to change the world as depict by the tree:

Be the change - Application form
Be the change – Application form

Be the change - Application form
Be the change – Application form

You can also see the results online on Global Volunteer Network and GVN Foundation