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Counting bottles

February 23, 2013 Leave a comment

A new pattern on the Toon Shop: Feed me! Or rather two patterns. I can’t choose between a vector graphic and a pixel one, such as a drawing or photo.

If you choose to upload a vector graphic, Spreadshirt will limit the number of colors to 3 (black and white included) from limited swatches (depending on the printing techniques 20 to 28 colors). In addition, many rules have to be respected: lines width or spacing between lines. But the result is perfect and we have a wider choice of printing technique: flex, flock or digital. See printing techniques on Spreadshirt >

A pixel graphic is easier to design: gradients, no features or colors limit, but the result may be surprising if the print size is really different compared to the original (very small or very large). However, I had no surprise until now with my designs.

Here is the vector design.

Feed me!

Here, you can replace each of the 3 colors in the design: black, dark gray and light gray by one in the swatches. For instance:

blue for boys

pink for girls.

Here is the pixel graphic. It’s an original watercolor painting.

First, this design was for St Patrick Day with a pint of Guinness instead of the milk bottles.

Comptage de moutons

But, following my cousin’s advice (mum of two), I adapted the pattern for babies. Thanks to her, I’m quite happy with the result. Now, I think this design is much more adapted for babies, especially when you’re a first time parents struggling with your newborn… feeding him or her night and day!


Valentine’s day Tee shirts

February 12, 2011 1 comment

Wow, sorry but I really neglected this blog lately. It must be said that between Christmas, New Year’s Day (two weeks on vacation wandering in the wilderness of New Zealand: South Island) and a few small contracts around, I forgot to publish my latest creations.

The last 2 months, I mostly spent time on my shops: Toon Shop (for Europe) and Toon’s Shop (for Canada / US / New Zealand / Australia). FYI, I created these through Spreadshirt shops last year but it took me some time to figure how to add new patterns and understand the Spreadshirt’s settings.

In short, I participated to the contest for Valentine’s day (I leave you with Besides judging the jury selection: The Winners – 2011 Valentine’s Day Design Contest ) which boosted me to create new patterns.

Here is my submission to this contest:

A kiss shy

shy kiss (Europe)

Kiss Me (Canada / US)

First Love

First Love – Translation Vector

(Canada / US only)

Choose your partner!

Choose your partner! (Europe)

Just for Love (Canada / US)

A kiss shy

shy kiss (Europe)

First Love (Canada / US)

Click the image to create your own products with those designs. It’s magic, I just need to put my designs on the Spreadshirt market place! More information about the market place next time.

See you soon!

International Volunteer Day on Global Volunteer Network

December 4, 2010 1 comment

Lire la version française de cet article

Just a little post to ask you your preference on Global Volunteer Network new design to mark the International Volunteer Day.

Global Volunteer Network website
Webdesign created to celebrate the International Volunteer Day

Global Volunteer Network website
Normal Website appearance

Blue and Orange

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

My latest achievement is blue and orange as in “The Earth is blue like an orange”.

These are two complementary colors, which means a very strong and vibrant association. This association is more often used in illustrations for children or to highlight an icon, a button on a website. In short, the result is an illustration that leaves no one indifferent and catches the eye 🙂

The purpose of these registration banners created for Global Volunteer Network is to attract the attention of visitors, the use of these two colors corresponds to our needs. A plane and the clouds for the blue and an idea of travel (volunteering to another country), an orange stripe for contrast:

Volunteer Application form
Volunteer Application form

A slightly different version with less blue and more green for the “Be the Change”. Indeed, this one is a training program for those wishing to grow their own organization, to change the world as depict by the tree:

Be the change - Application form
Be the change – Application form

Be the change - Application form
Be the change – Application form

You can also see the results online on Global Volunteer Network and GVN Foundation

Heat Beat Poster

July 2, 2010 Leave a comment

A new poster for Sam Manzanza and his band (Afro Beat Band). he will play on Saturday 3 July at the Ruby Lounge.

Heat Beat

And Sam’s invitation:

HEAT BEAT is collaborative musical collective featuring Bands and Music from the many musical Hospots of the world.
This HEAT BEAT features members from cultures as diverse as Latin America, Africa, Asia and Middle East and plays the many different Hot, Spicy and Powerful Rhythms of these regions.
These traditional styles are thrown into a melting pot with a measure of Afro Beat, Samba, Salsa, Funk, Ska, Congo Beat and Zimbawe Marimba music to create a High Energy Dance Sound sure to get the Temperature Rising as the Winter is here in Wellington.

Eat So They Can Website

June 13, 2010 3 comments

Wow, time has passed quickly. More than a month with no new posts yet I have been busy lately. Among others, I worked on the graphics of the Eat So They Can website on behalf of GVN Foundation.

Eat So They Can is an international event fundraiser organized by GVN Foundation. Each participant, or host, is organizing a meal for the day against global hunger on October 16 and performs fund raising until the date of the meal.

With my colleague we made several graphics for the dressing of the site, here is a small selection:

Eat So They Can
Version réalisée par mon collègue – 2010

Eat So They Can
First colored version to illustrate the party – 2010

Eat So They Can
A pastel version – 2010

Eat So They Can
Version of my colleague – 2010

Eat So They Can
Version of my colleague – 2010

And here is the final version:

Eat So They Can
Eat So They Can, the last version – 2010

As you can see, I’ve subscribed as an host: Julie’s event and will organise a party at home for this great cause: Women’s empowerment the 16 October 2010. So if you want to support this cause too, participate to my fund raising now!
Thank you!

Voir la version francaise