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Counting bottles

February 23, 2013 Leave a comment

A new pattern on the Toon Shop: Feed me! Or rather two patterns. I can’t choose between a vector graphic and a pixel one, such as a drawing or photo.

If you choose to upload a vector graphic, Spreadshirt will limit the number of colors to 3 (black and white included) from limited swatches (depending on the printing techniques 20 to 28 colors). In addition, many rules have to be respected: lines width or spacing between lines. But the result is perfect and we have a wider choice of printing technique: flex, flock or digital. See printing techniques on Spreadshirt >

A pixel graphic is easier to design: gradients, no features or colors limit, but the result may be surprising if the print size is really different compared to the original (very small or very large). However, I had no surprise until now with my designs.

Here is the vector design.

Feed me!

Here, you can replace each of the 3 colors in the design: black, dark gray and light gray by one in the swatches. For instance:

blue for boys

pink for girls.

Here is the pixel graphic. It’s an original watercolor painting.

First, this design was for St Patrick Day with a pint of Guinness instead of the milk bottles.

Comptage de moutons

But, following my cousin’s advice (mum of two), I adapted the pattern for babies. Thanks to her, I’m quite happy with the result. Now, I think this design is much more adapted for babies, especially when you’re a first time parents struggling with your newborn… feeding him or her night and day!


Dog’s face

September 14, 2012 Leave a comment

New designs for the Toon Shop … or rather a review of an old one (Sheepdog).

The old pattern had too many colors for vector printing on Spreadshirt. Indeed, vector printing on spreadshirt is limited to 3 colors, white and black colors are taken into account. The first pattern consisted of four colors: black, white, pink and brown (for the eyes). Moreover, this pattern seemed a little out of nowhere, no background, no context.

Old design

In short, in the new release I removed the black by cutting the black areas from other colored areas. Black is now replaced by the color of the fabric. Finally, the pattern can be printed on a larger area and many more products. The whole tshirt becomes the dog’s head 🙂

Face de chien
New design

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4 sheeps to celebrate Patrick’s Day

March 13, 2012 Leave a comment

version française

A colorized version of this drawing I made for the 2011 Patrick’s Day

St Patrick
Read more…

Be Aware, Toxic Frog

February 28, 2012 1 comment

version française

A small tree frog for the Toon Shop this week:

Be aware, toxic!

Attention toxique !

I’m often surprised by the results of some patterns once printed on tshirts and other products. My favorite patterns sometimes have a disappointing rendering, they do not fit in the space assigned for printing (the aspect ratio is different between an adult t-shirt, a tank top or A4 paper) or a component is beyond the scope, is cut by the collar, is at the wrong place. But, this time, the result is perfect: long and narrow, the frog seems climbing the model.

Another pattern found in my trunk (box of wonders) I colorized per game and finally tested on the Toon Shop. This one still needs work for a better result.


Miss U!

February 14, 2012 1 comment

Version française

Yes, I know the title is not really the most appropriate for a special day like today: Valentine day! But perfectly adapted to title this new vector design in Toon’s shop:

miss U!

Happy Valentine Day!

Toon Shop – all time favourites

January 9, 2012 1 comment

version française

For the new year, I decided to do the ranking of the best-selling patterns of Toon Shop (European Spreadshirt Shop) , Toon Shop (US and Canada Spreadshirt Shop) and Toon Shop ( And I got some funny surprises by monitoring the statistics:

1. Buyers come from different regions in the world

including France (80% of customers shop Toon) and the United States (80% of my clients on English shops) but also Germany, Italy (my first customer in 2011), New Zealand, Australia, England and Canada.
It’s a good surprise and I would be curious to have more feedback on the fan page Boutique du Toon

2. the designs most sold are slightly different from one shop to another!

Is this a cultural difference? or simply a difference between the English / French tags?

Here is the ranking for the european Shop: la Boutique du Toon

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Valentine’s day Tee shirts

February 12, 2011 1 comment

Wow, sorry but I really neglected this blog lately. It must be said that between Christmas, New Year’s Day (two weeks on vacation wandering in the wilderness of New Zealand: South Island) and a few small contracts around, I forgot to publish my latest creations.

The last 2 months, I mostly spent time on my shops: Toon Shop (for Europe) and Toon’s Shop (for Canada / US / New Zealand / Australia). FYI, I created these through Spreadshirt shops last year but it took me some time to figure how to add new patterns and understand the Spreadshirt’s settings.

In short, I participated to the contest for Valentine’s day (I leave you with Besides judging the jury selection: The Winners – 2011 Valentine’s Day Design Contest ) which boosted me to create new patterns.

Here is my submission to this contest:

A kiss shy

shy kiss (Europe)

Kiss Me (Canada / US)

First Love

First Love – Translation Vector

(Canada / US only)

Choose your partner!

Choose your partner! (Europe)

Just for Love (Canada / US)

A kiss shy

shy kiss (Europe)

First Love (Canada / US)

Click the image to create your own products with those designs. It’s magic, I just need to put my designs on the Spreadshirt market place! More information about the market place next time.

See you soon!