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Sweet as a Kiwi

October 10, 2010 2 comments

To please one of my kiwi friend, my last design in the Toon Shop is a small Kiwi. It’s just the vector graphic version of the drawing done last year.

Sweet As a Kiwi
Sweet As a Kiwi – 2010

The title “Sweet As” is an expression from New Zealand which means: cool, ok, fine, all good!

The first version was a bit more rough.

Little kiwi - Petit kiwi
Little Kiwi – 2009

In the mean time, I’ve changed the little legs and added some colours. The second version is in vector but the imported version in the store is in PNG. Indeed the colors number limit accepted by the system is 3 compared to 5 colors used for the drawing: black, white, dark gray, beige, light beige. But this is not the only reason! To import a vector graphic in the store, there are endless rules to follow, as the size of each shape or the distance between each shape. These rules were too complicated to follow with a subject so shaggy 🙂

In the Tshirt Shop, I created 30 new products with this design and discovered how to create categories:

  • Kiwis > I will probably continue to insert some new designs and products
  • The snail who didn’t like water > I’ve got a coloured version in reserve. Hope to upload this one soon 🙂
  • Angel or Devil > My first vector design!
  • Organic > All the organic Tee shirts whatever is the design because even a small gesture counts a lot to us all

Hope this will help you to find the product you like.


Little Kiwi

November 9, 2009 2 comments

A national icon of New Zealand, the Kiwi is a little timid and nocturnal bird. Kiwis are endangered species and protected in New Zealand. Unfortunately, introduced predators like cats and dogs kill off the nests, the eggs and the matures. Numerous organism try to protect this animal like the DOC (Departement Of Conservation) located all accross New Zealand or the Kiwi encounter at the Rainbow Springs in Rotorua.

Little kiwi - Petit kiwi

This one is drawn based on a photography of a little toy.

See you tomorrow!

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