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Teddy bear

December 18, 2009 1 comment

Just for fun… a little teddy bear drew using Conte pencils. The pastel tones are the most adapted to the children… even if it was not for a child! Blue for the dream part, green for the natural part and a yellow, brown, warm tone for a big hug!

Teddy Bear - Nounours
Teddy bear – 2001

Happy Birthday!

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School Art

October 20, 2009 1 comment

I learned the figure expression art at a School Art from male and female models. There was much more female than male but for a beginner like myself it was enough to understand the human proportion, the body movement and the different body parts arrangement.

At the beginning the artist’s models were some various roman sculptures or stone carvings.

Roman sculpture

Lion head - Tête de lion
Roman chest

Drawing from an original model is completely different than from a picture (photos or drawing) since each eye see something gently variant. Besides, we tend to not draw what we see but what we suppose to see. This is the reason of the bad nose, mouth and eyes picturing in the two pictures above.

During the second year at this school, I started to draw human model. It’s much more complicated since the person is not really able to hold a static pose during more than 5 minutes. Although, it’s a good exercise for drawing outline before paying attention to the details.

Nude - Nu
Female nude

Male nude - Nu masculin
Male nude

Before the model strikes another pose every drawers were looking at other’s works and were showing their own work to compare and find the single detail which unbalance the structure: the split between the chest and the hip of the woman for instance or the position of the man’s hands. In the mean time it was an interesting discover of numerous approach, styles and techniques. In fact it was the same reason which led me up to use the pastel and the oil paint in the pictures below.

Nu pastel - Pastel nude
Pastel nude

Sparrow - Pierrot

The oil pastels were the most adapted to the conditions: outline drawing and fast execution. In the other picture, I used the oil paint as if it was watercolour on a light paper. But this medium doesn’t really fit with the subject.

Flying mattress - Matelas volant
Flying mattress

In conclusion, this drawing was my last work during these art lessons. Through this picture, I tried to draw the woman and to depict, above all, her soul: light and radiant. To draw a parallel with the other woman’s picture, the first model in the painting was more interested by herself and her wonderful beauty picturing than the second one. She was like a sparrow: sad but smiling, cold, selfish but betting on her aspect while the second model was paying more attention at her movement and her pose to help along the drawers.

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