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2013… and 2012 overview

January 10, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s about five years since I opened my first custom clothing online shop on, Boutique du Toon , followed by a shop on Toon shop, then Toon shop (or or depending on your country of residence) thanks to my lover’s support.

Toon shop Zazzle

Then, during a meeting with other makers in Wellington I discovered the endless possibilities of laser cutting (cardboard, wood, plastic, leather, felt) through the Ponoko site in various “labs” in New Zealand, United States or Italy. I began to design objects for home like candle box, mobile, trivet, coasters, fridge magnet. Some are availables on my Toonshop showroom.


Beside this drawing and designing activities, I started to expose in Clermont-Ferrand, in the tea room of my parents, photos I took in Canada earlier in 2009. exhibition photos on the Toon Shop Facebook page. I’m thinking to distribute new prints of these photos and more… to come in 2014!

2012, Spoonflower is arriving on my activities board. The website allows printing patterns on fabric. I realized among other cushions with coffee grounds available on my page Emjy’s shop. New designs are coming for 2014, if I can find some time after my job and family activities.

Toon shop on Spoonflower

Finally, for 2 months, I began to create crochet beanies for children, knitted christmas stocking and watercolor postcards. Thanks to friends support here and there, I participate to my first Christmas market (happiness to communicate face to face with a customer). The remaining caps and some new products are now availables at the workshop shop Identi-t.


As I did in January 2012, here is a brief overview for 2012 and 2013 of the best sellers on the online shops: boutiquedutoon on, toonshop on et toonshop on
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3 baby Hedehogs to celebrate spring

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Waiting for spring, some new watercolor designs added in Toon’s shop.




Hérissons - Manger Jouer Dormir
Eat Play Sleep

You can find them in both shops Spreadshirt or Zazzle:

From Canada / USA

Eat Play

Little nap Eat

From France / Europe

Jeu coques case-mate Petit somme de bébé bouteilles

Eat assiettes Jouer

Dormir Manger

Easter Rabbit and Discount on Toon Shop

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Here is my new design on Toon Shop: Easter Rabbit.

A lovely pink rabbit offering a big chocolate egg.

This design is an original watercolor painting I made from an old drawing. Like for the Unicorn, I first transferred the drawing on the painting paper before colorizing and adding a background and some more details.

Below are some products from the Spreadshirt’s shop Boutique du Toon (Canada / USA) where you will have a $5 discount on every order with the coupon code: GREENWEEK

For you!
Baby T-Romper

For you!
Belly band for pregnant women

You can also customize your own product with this illustration and have the same discount.

Below, some products from the Zazzle’s Toon Shop created with this illustration. You have 20% Off Select Products with coupon code: SAVEINWINTER

Laptop Bag
Laptop Bag

Easter Rabbit - For You! Candy Dishes
Candy Dishes

Easter Rabbit - For You!

Easter Rabbit - For You! Premium Gift Boxes
Gift Box

Easter Rabbit - For You! Bumper Sticker

Counting bottles

February 23, 2013 Leave a comment

A new pattern on the Toon Shop: Feed me! Or rather two patterns. I can’t choose between a vector graphic and a pixel one, such as a drawing or photo.

If you choose to upload a vector graphic, Spreadshirt will limit the number of colors to 3 (black and white included) from limited swatches (depending on the printing techniques 20 to 28 colors). In addition, many rules have to be respected: lines width or spacing between lines. But the result is perfect and we have a wider choice of printing technique: flex, flock or digital. See printing techniques on Spreadshirt >

A pixel graphic is easier to design: gradients, no features or colors limit, but the result may be surprising if the print size is really different compared to the original (very small or very large). However, I had no surprise until now with my designs.

Here is the vector design.

Feed me!

Here, you can replace each of the 3 colors in the design: black, dark gray and light gray by one in the swatches. For instance:

blue for boys

pink for girls.

Here is the pixel graphic. It’s an original watercolor painting.

First, this design was for St Patrick Day with a pint of Guinness instead of the milk bottles.

Comptage de moutons

But, following my cousin’s advice (mum of two), I adapted the pattern for babies. Thanks to her, I’m quite happy with the result. Now, I think this design is much more adapted for babies, especially when you’re a first time parents struggling with your newborn… feeding him or her night and day!

Dog’s face

September 14, 2012 Leave a comment

New designs for the Toon Shop … or rather a review of an old one (Sheepdog).

The old pattern had too many colors for vector printing on Spreadshirt. Indeed, vector printing on spreadshirt is limited to 3 colors, white and black colors are taken into account. The first pattern consisted of four colors: black, white, pink and brown (for the eyes). Moreover, this pattern seemed a little out of nowhere, no background, no context.

Old design

In short, in the new release I removed the black by cutting the black areas from other colored areas. Black is now replaced by the color of the fabric. Finally, the pattern can be printed on a larger area and many more products. The whole tshirt becomes the dog’s head 🙂

Face de chien
New design

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Earth at Heart – Awarded

August 28, 2012 Leave a comment

You've won a Today's Best Award!

Just create a new design for the Toonshop on Zazzle and Spreadshirt last week and my design has been selected to be displayed on the award desings.

Your product, Earth at Heart, has been hand-picked as an example of creativity at its finest. Out of thousands of products on Zazzle, yours was chosen for being one of the best!

As a reward, your design will be featured on the Today’s Best page for Tuesday, 21 August 2012. This means you, your product, and your store will be center stage!

You’re part of a talented group of artists on Zazzle.”

I’m so happy!

Here is the product awarded

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April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Thank you to my colleague on this little challenge and for having introduced me to this strange animal. The pangolin is an animal native from Africa and Asia “as an artichoke inverted with legs” in the words of Desproges 🙂


Drawing handmade

And a small trial with Phototshop effects: the stamp effect.

Pangolin - stamp effect

I added a relief effect for printing on gray or colored.