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Sweet as a Kiwi

October 10, 2010 2 comments

To please one of my kiwi friend, my last design in the Toon Shop is a small Kiwi. It’s just the vector graphic version of the drawing done last year.

Sweet As a Kiwi
Sweet As a Kiwi – 2010

The title “Sweet As” is an expression from New Zealand which means: cool, ok, fine, all good!

The first version was a bit more rough.

Little kiwi - Petit kiwi
Little Kiwi – 2009

In the mean time, I’ve changed the little legs and added some colours. The second version is in vector but the imported version in the store is in PNG. Indeed the colors number limit accepted by the system is 3 compared to 5 colors used for the drawing: black, white, dark gray, beige, light beige. But this is not the only reason! To import a vector graphic in the store, there are endless rules to follow, as the size of each shape or the distance between each shape. These rules were too complicated to follow with a subject so shaggy 🙂

In the Tshirt Shop, I created 30 new products with this design and discovered how to create categories:

  • Kiwis > I will probably continue to insert some new designs and products
  • The snail who didn’t like water > I’ve got a coloured version in reserve. Hope to upload this one soon 🙂
  • Angel or Devil > My first vector design!
  • Organic > All the organic Tee shirts whatever is the design because even a small gesture counts a lot to us all

Hope this will help you to find the product you like.


Bloody Winter

November 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m a little bit lazy and busy today… so here is a simple vector graphic:

Bloody Winter - Hiver sanglant
Bloody Winter – 2009

I made this vector graphic using the pen tool under Photoshop and adding some layer effect for smoothing the result. Inspired by manga, I drawn a young girl wearing a scarf and a sword in her back.

I hope to have more time to spare tomorrow!


November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

In 2005, I developed a little website for a non-profit organization Galopin managed by friends in France. For illustrating this website I created a little “Welcome Toon” using Flash. The organization purpose was grouping fruits and vegetables purchases to reduce the cost by buying the goods directly in the farms.

First step: sketching a little toon happy, welcoming and characterizing the organization purpose.

Bonjour - HelloPomme - Apple

Second step: Drawing the outline before scaning.

2 galopins

Ouah !

Third step: Colorizing the drawing using Illustrator in order to import thereafter the vector graphics in the Flash Application.

Les Galopins - WelcomeEveil - Awakening

Fouth and last step: Animating the character. See the result online: Galopin’s Website

I won’t be in Welligton this week end… See you on monday!

Vector Graphics

October 30, 2009 2 comments

Today, I would like to present two little works made with Illustrator in 2007 for illutrating quizzes on Version Femina Website. Vector graphics are useful for logo creating while the picture is rescalable without damage.

The first one was drawn on paper before exporting in Ilustrator. I used the automatic vectorization tool to obtain a first vector graphic. Then I worked on the different paths created by the tool to get smoother and sharper outlines. Here is the result:

Ange et Démon - Angel and Demon

Is friendship between angel and evil a real way? Or is it two part of the same mind?

Another good fact using the vector graphic is the flexibility: colors and outlines are easily modifiable as you can see below.

Ange et Démon - Angel and Demon

The second illustration has been made from scratch in Illustrator. This one was to illustrate the quizz: What is your dark side? One of the result was manipulative.

Manipulatrice - Manipulative

From the pencil drawing to the vector graphic

October 23, 2009 5 comments

A little work for a friend: a flying robot to illustrate a competition (E=M6) made in 2001 or 2000. The competition’s purpose was to design and build a robot for bursting balloons!!! The engineers are definitely understandables, aren’t they? The carambar is a vitally required adding. Sugar is the best nutrient for the brain!

Robot volant - Flying robot
Original Drawing

The pencil use is not the best tool to create a sharp illustration. But with a good software and a lot of endurance, the result was workable to illustrate the student newspaper or the facebook. In fact, the PCs were so slow that the illustration retouching was never-ceasing. Fortunately I was not in charge of this part 🙂 My task was drawing accurately as much as possible the character! Here are an instance using a pen for the outlines and Conte pencils for the tones.

Balloon burster
Conte pencil drawing

Finally in 2005, I learned to use vector graphics editor application like Illustrator! So pleasant and handy! The drawing is sharp, the tones are perfect and the picture is scalable indefinitely without degrading.

Birthday Party invitation
Vector Graphics

This illustration was for a child birthday party.

Voir la version française