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A dinosaur for Lucas

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

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Is it the new children’s game fashion? or just a new passion of Lucas? Dragons in cartons, plastic, make it yourself, stickers on the wall, flying dinosaurs, baby dinos emerging from the egg … so why not a pencil drawing.

Tsintaosaurus - Dinosaure

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A dragon for Chinese New Year

January 23, 2012 Leave a comment

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Happy new year, prosperity, happiness for the Chinese New Year under the sign of the dragon… one of the most famous signs of Chinese astrology!

Well, I’m a little tired and did not manage to draw a nicer dragon for Chinese New Year.

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Coffee addict… and chocolate!

January 17, 2012 2 comments

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A quick sketch this week to illustrate the addiction to coffee … Chocolate which is particularly strong for one of my colleagues or even all, myself included:)

Coffee Addict

By the way, I found an interesting Wiki page about the caffeine, especially concerning the amount of caffeine contained in black tea, green tea, chocolate and coffee. There is as much caffeine in black tea than green tea: 50mg for 20cl cup (small cup). This corresponds to half the caffeine in a cup of coffee (espresso or filter)! And beyond 300 mg of caffeine per day, which means 3 cups of coffee or six cups of tea or 250g of chocolate or 2.5 L of cola, it’s a drug.

Toon Shop – all time favourites

January 9, 2012 1 comment

version française

For the new year, I decided to do the ranking of the best-selling patterns of Toon Shop (European Spreadshirt Shop) , Toon Shop (US and Canada Spreadshirt Shop) and Toon Shop ( And I got some funny surprises by monitoring the statistics:

1. Buyers come from different regions in the world

including France (80% of customers shop Toon) and the United States (80% of my clients on English shops) but also Germany, Italy (my first customer in 2011), New Zealand, Australia, England and Canada.
It’s a good surprise and I would be curious to have more feedback on the fan page Boutique du Toon

2. the designs most sold are slightly different from one shop to another!

Is this a cultural difference? or simply a difference between the English / French tags?

Here is the ranking for the european Shop: la Boutique du Toon

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Sending Greeting!

January 1, 2012 Leave a comment

version française

Best wishes for 2012 with this little pixie sending his best wishes astride the moon:)

Voeux 2012

Voeux 2012