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November 30, 2009 4 comments

Today, something really simple: a portrait inspired by a theatre play I have read at school. I was not so studious and more interested by drawing than studying french in these old plays. Anyway, it was a great carefree period spending all the time wearing our pants out on the school benchs and drawing non stop for pastime!

Profile - Profil
Profile – 1997

It’s funny to see this profile… it’s unusual to draw or take a picture of someone strictly on the side view or fullface! Therefore in this piture as in the original one, the face outlines are deeply marked.


Candles and pens experiment

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Today, I would like to present an experimentation done in 1996 or so with candles and pens. In fact, in this painting I used the warm and liquid wax to create the structure and the Bic pen’s ink for tainting the structure after hardening.

Wax & Ink - Cire et Encre

The result was really interesting since the ink added shiny colours on the wax’s smooth shapes. Unfortunately with the time, the wax is gone! Furthermore, this first painting was not so creative or artistic! But I will keep in mind this method for a future creation.

Under the Lights

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Second participation to the contest Norman Coenhagen as explained yesterday: “Turn around the World”

Under the Lights
Under the Lights – 2009

The title is “Under the lights”in reference of the poduct: a roof light. As the first one, I have kept the strokes simples to keep a visual difference between the product and the drawing.

The woman’s drawing has been done before this contest, in 2003 to illustrate a Maloya dance contest. Native from Reunion Island, Maloya was a rebellion dance to protest against the slavery. This dance consist to move vigorously all the body, trampling and keeping the feet close as if they were hold together by chains.

Danseuse de Maloya - Maloya Dancer
Maloya Dancer – 2003

Turn around the World

November 27, 2009 2 comments

Do you know Normann Copenhagen? It’s a Danish design company with a good range of nice and invenive products. I love especially the simplicity of their collections. I told you about this company while they started on monday a contest around their last collection. If you want more information, have a look on be creative and win!

Here is my first contribution:

Turn around the World
Turn around the World – 2009

In this picture, I tried to keep it simple, fresh and dynamic emphasizing the movement and the transparency of the glass with an analogy with the earth movement and the atmosphere transparency.

Bloody Winter

November 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m a little bit lazy and busy today… so here is a simple vector graphic:

Bloody Winter - Hiver sanglant
Bloody Winter – 2009

I made this vector graphic using the pen tool under Photoshop and adding some layer effect for smoothing the result. Inspired by manga, I drawn a young girl wearing a scarf and a sword in her back.

I hope to have more time to spare tomorrow!

A new display for my personal website

November 25, 2009 2 comments

Done! Here is the new display of my personal website: Frog n’ I kept the frog and the slogan and add a logotype with my domain name. Have a look:

Frog n’Cie Design – 2009

My host is PHPnux, one of the cheaper on Internet with a great quality of service. The contract includes 1GB disk space, 1 domain name, 1 MySQL database, PHP 4 and PHP 5, statistics, e-mails, and a great customer support for only 18 euro/year! It’s perfect! I can access to my files with FTP and manage all my account via a customized tool. But all is in french!

Something sounds wrong in this display… is it too dark? or less energizing? Let me know your feeling by adding a comment.

Web design

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

A little web skin created in June or July 2009 for my personal website: Conception et Réalisation Multimédia. This version (in french only) was developed with Google Site to present my work as a webdesigner, web developer and graphical designer.

To create the little frog and logo, I used Illustrator before to export it in Photoshop.

Grenouille - Frog
Little frog – 2009

I choose only one color (plus white and black) to create this website giving a feeling of simplicity and light to the visitor. The little frog, which is quite ruddy, has been added on the corner as a wink providing energy and vitamins. The frog eye color has been used on the O of the tittle to look like a frog eye. Have a look below:

Personal Website, Home Page – 2009

Google Site is a great CMS (Content Management System) to start a first website. It’s easy to customize the display and create various pages. But it becomes a little bit too restricted if you want to change the links in the bottom, to create an horizontal menu or to add a contact form. Recently, I decided to migrate my website in Drupal and to add an english version in the mean time. I’m still working on the display but I will show you this new version soon 🙂