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Eat So They Can Website

June 13, 2010 3 comments

Wow, time has passed quickly. More than a month with no new posts yet I have been busy lately. Among others, I worked on the graphics of the Eat So They Can website on behalf of GVN Foundation.

Eat So They Can is an international event fundraiser organized by GVN Foundation. Each participant, or host, is organizing a meal for the day against global hunger on October 16 and performs fund raising until the date of the meal.

With my colleague we made several graphics for the dressing of the site, here is a small selection:

Eat So They Can
Version réalisée par mon collègue – 2010

Eat So They Can
First colored version to illustrate the party – 2010

Eat So They Can
A pastel version – 2010

Eat So They Can
Version of my colleague – 2010

Eat So They Can
Version of my colleague – 2010

And here is the final version:

Eat So They Can
Eat So They Can, the last version – 2010

As you can see, I’ve subscribed as an host: Julie’s event and will organise a party at home for this great cause: Women’s empowerment the 16 October 2010. So if you want to support this cause too, participate to my fund raising now!
Thank you!

Voir la version francaise


Web design

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

A little web skin created in June or July 2009 for my personal website: Conception et Réalisation Multimédia. This version (in french only) was developed with Google Site to present my work as a webdesigner, web developer and graphical designer.

To create the little frog and logo, I used Illustrator before to export it in Photoshop.

Grenouille - Frog
Little frog – 2009

I choose only one color (plus white and black) to create this website giving a feeling of simplicity and light to the visitor. The little frog, which is quite ruddy, has been added on the corner as a wink providing energy and vitamins. The frog eye color has been used on the O of the tittle to look like a frog eye. Have a look below:

Personal Website, Home Page – 2009

Google Site is a great CMS (Content Management System) to start a first website. It’s easy to customize the display and create various pages. But it becomes a little bit too restricted if you want to change the links in the bottom, to create an horizontal menu or to add a contact form. Recently, I decided to migrate my website in Drupal and to add an english version in the mean time. I’m still working on the display but I will show you this new version soon 🙂