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2013… and 2012 overview

It’s about five years since I opened my first custom clothing online shop on Spreadshirt.fr, Boutique du Toon , followed by a shop on Spreadshirt.com Toon shop, then Zazzle.com Toon shop (or zazzle.fr or zazzle.ca depending on your country of residence) thanks to my lover’s support.

Toon shop Zazzle

Then, during a meeting with other makers in Wellington I discovered the endless possibilities of laser cutting (cardboard, wood, plastic, leather, felt) through the Ponoko site in various “labs” in New Zealand, United States or Italy. I began to design objects for home like candle box, mobile, trivet, coasters, fridge magnet. Some are availables on my Toonshop showroom.


Beside this drawing and designing activities, I started to expose in Clermont-Ferrand, in the tea room of my parents, photos I took in Canada earlier in 2009. exhibition photos on the Toon Shop Facebook page. I’m thinking to distribute new prints of these photos and more… to come in 2014!

2012, Spoonflower is arriving on my activities board. The website allows printing patterns on fabric. I realized among other cushions with coffee grounds available on my page Emjy’s shop. New designs are coming for 2014, if I can find some time after my job and family activities.

Toon shop on Spoonflower

Finally, for 2 months, I began to create crochet beanies for children, knitted christmas stocking and watercolor postcards. Thanks to friends support here and there, I participate to my first Christmas market (happiness to communicate face to face with a customer). The remaining caps and some new products are now availables at the workshop shop Identi-t.


As I did in January 2012, here is a brief overview for 2012 and 2013 of the best sellers on the online shops: boutiquedutoon on spreadshirt.fr, toonshop on spreadshirt.com et toonshop on zazzle.com.

the winners are tied :
Angel and Daemon (my first illustration for this shop) and the Cheetah drawing.
ange ou démon
Then arrived the Monster Truck and the Violin
big foot
Violon vectoriel
Followed at the 3rd place by the frog playing petanque
And finally the Gorilla playing Djembé
jungle beat

The winner, first well before, is the howling wolf, a new drawing for 2013.
In second place comes the violin like in 2012.
Violon vectoriel
Followed by the Monster Truck as in 2012
big foot
And finally Angel and Daemon. Which is probably my best seller over the 5 past years.
ange ou démon

New illustrations in 2013

Nuits blanchescomptage de biberonsdormirJouermangerÉléphantÉléphant roseI Love Mum roseI love mum bleulapin de paquesloup

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