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Color Mix

Everyone remembers his drawing classes with the color wheel, the primary and secondary colors. However, we end to use more often paintings in tubes without bothering to mix them together: much faster than finding a particular color! So I enrolled in a course to rediscover the colors: color mixing with acrylic painting. That was two weeks ago, a Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. This course helped me reconciling with the mixture of colors. Each new color was a revelation: sea, depths of the ocean, foam, trees, undergrowth, bark, skin. Finally my color swatches seems very poor now!

To start we created a spectrum from white to black to learn how to mix colors with high contrast. With very little black to begin with, and then more and more once the middle gray reaches.

Blanc Noir

From white to black

Then we applied this principle to mix a primary color with black (color folded) or white (color enhanced). Here we have a blue folded (less shades between blue and black) and red magenta enhanced.

Bleu rabattu - Rouge rehaussé

blue folded – red enhanced

Then it was the turn of the color wheel with primary and secondary colors, warm or cool colors. I made a wheel with the primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow. Oli did the same with the colors red, blue and yellow. This gives small variations in the secondary colors such as purple or orange.

Cercle chromatique

Color Wheel

Once the circle made​​, I take some time to play with and enhance some colors obtained.

Couleurs rehaussées

Enhanced colors

Red, yellow, orange are warm colors. Green, blue, purple are cool colors. But a blue-green is warmer than blue-violet. An orange-yellow is warmer than orange-red … Little work on the hot and cold starting from yellow to green and yellow to orange.

Chaud Froid

Yellow from warm to cold

Little discovery: gray is a mixture of a primary color and the secondary color on the opposite side of the circle. We thus obtain the gray (gray lightly tinted) with blue and orange ; red and green ; yellow and purple. But we might as well have the same result with each color and its opposite on the circle. For me, it was more often brown than gray 🙂 It probably lacked a bit of blue in my green.

Rouge Gris Vert

Red- Gray – Green

After gray, brown which is a mixture of three primary colors. The shades are endless. And any enhanced brown could be used as skin color. A little more blue, green or purple for the skin shadows. A little more red, yellow for lighted skin areas.




Skin colors

And finally a festival of color tubes: cadmium green, titanium white, cadmium orange, phthalo green …

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