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Portrait, acrylic courses and maternity leave

Things are pretty rushed lately (moving, DIY, Canadian residency, employment, crochet, pregnancy, you’ll find all this at http://untoonaucanada.blogspot.com) but starting today, I am on maternity leave two months prior to the delivery date. This is the perfect opportunity to take over and spend more time on drawing, painting, illustrating and photography.

I am now enrolled in acrylic paints courses. Significantly simpler than watercolor (which requires a perfect control of spaces unpainted) or oil (very long drying time), acrylic is suitable to all mixtures, all techniques, with textures, materials, transparency, collage … which is perfectly highlighted in this workshop hosted by the University of Montreal. At the same time, I notice my weaknesses:

the use of color, color matching and color blends (I’m handier with a pen or pencil),

the application of paint (no fine lines, impasto, marks left by the brush drips)

But I do not lose hope and the discovery of these new techniques brings me a lot in terms of creativity.

At the same time I’m back on the drawing board. Here is a portrait done this morning.


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