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Water colored Unicorn

A special request to mark the anniversary of my niece, a small pink unicorn (princesses prefer pink, right?) On blue sky background.

Water-colored Unicorn

To achieve this painting, I began by drawing on scrap paper to avoid damaging the watercolor sheet with strong pencil strokes or traces of scrub.

Then, just return that sheet of paper, drawing below in contact with the watercolor paper, then scribble the entire drawing. Be careful to center the drawing on the paper under!

It’s magic, the drawing will appear on the watercolor paper but reversed.

We can see on the watercolor paper that the lines are not very sharp, just draw lightly with a pencil for best results before painting.

Another way to make a copy of drawing on a watercolor sheet without reverse the drawing:
1 – scribble the back of the drawing with a pencil or graphite,
2 – put the drawing on a sheet of watercolor, drawing above and shaded side below,
3 – pass by each line a second time with a pencil to mark the drawing on the watercolor sheet.

The design will be reproduced in the right direction and the lines will be more consistent.

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