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Lights and Shadows

version française

A little discovery this week, this video (http://webneel.com/video/photography-tutorial-lighting-techniques-art-direction-and-editing-process) showing the photography lighting and editing work. I loved the disintegration effect on the mannequin. And even more than this effect, the light that illuminates the shadows and underlines the subject inspired me.

Here are the results:

Lumière réflective

We can see the reflective light under the chin (first drawing) and on the left arm (drawing below).

Aveugle de lumière

I thought this reflection was great to underline the subject and gives a dramatic look especially with this strong contrast between lights and shadows.


A nice discovery on the web: http://webneel.com, a true gold mine for inspiration! Since, I follow eagerly new releases on this site, videos, professional and amateur tips, photographers, painters, illustrators, artist’s books. In short, go take a look, it’s perfect to treat the blank page’s syndrome.

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