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Toon Shop – all time favourites

version française

For the new year, I decided to do the ranking of the best-selling patterns of Toon Shop (European Spreadshirt Shop) , Toon Shop (US and Canada Spreadshirt Shop) and Toon Shop (zazzle.com). And I got some funny surprises by monitoring the statistics:

1. Buyers come from different regions in the world

including France (80% of customers shop Toon) and the United States (80% of my clients on English shops) but also Germany, Italy (my first customer in 2011), New Zealand, Australia, England and Canada.
It’s a good surprise and I would be curious to have more feedback on the fan page Boutique du Toon

2. the designs most sold are slightly different from one shop to another!

Is this a cultural difference? or simply a difference between the English / French tags?

Here is the ranking for the european Shop: la Boutique du Toon

  • Number 1 : the little frog with a big smile and wild eyes. The first frog in the shop, since there a petanque’s player and a fan of camembert

  • Number 2 : Harmony of the violin, a popular new pattern that I had been asked by a friend after the creation of the pattern cornucopia

  • Number 3 : Angel and devil, or Friends for Life (pattern vector), the first shop’s design! I’m glad to see this one on the podium as it represents my first steps 🙂

  • Number 3 (bis) : the snail who no longer loved the water. A pattern made ​​in New Zealand after several (too) rainy days. There is another black and white version

All the designs

Here is the ranking for the US and Canada Toon shop (Spreadshirt)

All the designs

Here is the ranking for the US and Canada Toon shop (Zazzle)

Tous les motifs

3. Google Adwords is useless!

I do not know why I received last year a free trial of Google Adwords. But the test was inconclusive, may be an error in the settings? Yet the time was well chosen: before Christmas with a reduction offer! Finally, the number of visits was doubled during this period … but in terms of sales, no change. I get cold feet but I will still try Facebook ads this year.

2012’s Designs

Now? Which designs for 2012. The first of the year was a little imp, the next one a cheetah … and then depending on the time: a dragon for the Chinese New Year, a new design for Valentine’s Day, a little Japanese cat, a harp in the style of the violin (or other instruments as requested), a coffee addict …


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