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First try: Bamboo Graphic Tablet

It took me time before I finally accept the advice to buy a graphics tablet. The result? Well, there is pro and con!
This tablet is a Bamboo tablet pen. There is a right click button on the pen, not on the shelf. It’s transposable for left or right handed. The design is quite nice: black, smooth with a small white light, wow!

Having the habit of drawing with pencil on paper, the feeling of the pen sliding on the smooth surface of the tablet is strange. The little finger which rubs on the paper and allows me to usually obtain almost smooth lines is stocked on the plastic surface which does not produce a straight and smooth line as expected, but a shaky line. Seems like I need to learn again how to draw!
The shelf adds an extra distance between the user, the keyboard and screen. This is not the best to keep a good position, good morning back pain!
The double click is not very easy. According to the tilt of the pen, the meeting point of the pen with the tablet can vary greatly which does not facilitate a double click.

the pen transmits the pressure which allows a better result than a mouse or a pad … no, do not laugh, that’s what I used until now and I’m probably not alone!
The possibilities are huge with a drawing program: multi-level layers, erase facilities, backup in the history, many brushes … in short, no need any more to sketch hundreds of leaves (yes, a bit too much) to obtain a correct design. That’s freedom!
The learning curve is short. Just patience and training are necessaries to get used to this tool, so different from the pad. The tablet is a screen representation, which means that when the pen touches the edge at the top left of the tablet, the mouse is positioned immediately in the top left of the screen. In addition, it is possible to move the mouse without touching the tablet and the right click can be performed on the pen or by pressing and holding the pen on the tablet.
It is as useful as a mouse, maybe better, even for browsing the Internet or select documents.

Here is my first try with this new toy 🙂

Premier essai Bamboo

On the side of the plastic tablet, there is a kind of red label that closely resembles a clothing label … it took me hours to understand that this “label” can actually store the pen along the tablet ! Surprising, but really handy.

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