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Like a dream

I’m a dreamer… are you? At morning, I often wake up remembering of my dreams. It makes me happy or sad for all the day according the content of these dreams. Did you ever dream to be flying or falling just before landing out of the dream? Or crying with no voice? Or running still laying down? Or smiling, happy as after living/reading a great book? Here is one of these famous dreams I tried to depict:

Dwarf and young elf - Nain et jeune elfe
Dwarf and young elf – 1996

I was seeking someone or hunting a gangster with two other guys detective-like when we found ourselves caught in a trap with only a little window in the back to get out. As though by magic, a helicopter is waiting for us outside. But, as it happens often during dreams, this helicopter seems to be more a hot air balloon after a few minutes than a helicopter! And the two guys have been replaced by a dwarf and a young elf! (I love this kind of dream… so far away from the truth)

Atterrissage - Landing
Hard landing – 1996

We are ballooning for some time when the balloon started flying over a volcano. Different temperatures create up and down drafts around this region (everybody knows that 🙂 ) which sucked the balloon into the volcano. Finally the crashed down in a tree in the middle of a swamp in the volcano’s crater. Of course, one of my friend is here waiting for us to rollskate around! Since we are in late, he started washing his clothes which need now drying. Therefore, he invited us all to have a cup of tea in his hobbit hole.

Inside the Hobbit hole - Dans le trou du Hobbit
Welcome in the Hobbit hole – 1996

This little Hobbit hole consists of two floors: one is a lounge with some funny cushions made with dried fruits in a corner ; the second floor is the bedroom and the laundry with a clever dryer system using ropes. I hope to see one day one of these funny fruit watermelon-like but dried like a sponge and with a lot of hexagonal holes… Maybe in one of my future destination!

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