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A little web skin created in June or July 2009 for my personal website: Conception et Réalisation Multimédia. This version (in french only) was developed with Google Site to present my work as a webdesigner, web developer and graphical designer.

To create the little frog and logo, I used Illustrator before to export it in Photoshop.

Grenouille - Frog
Little frog – 2009

I choose only one color (plus white and black) to create this website giving a feeling of simplicity and light to the visitor. The little frog, which is quite ruddy, has been added on the corner as a wink providing energy and vitamins. The frog eye color has been used on the O of the tittle to look like a frog eye. Have a look below:

Personal Website, Home Page – 2009

Google Site is a great CMS (Content Management System) to start a first website. It’s easy to customize the display and create various pages. But it becomes a little bit too restricted if you want to change the links in the bottom, to create an horizontal menu or to add a contact form. Recently, I decided to migrate my website in Drupal and to add an english version in the mean time. I’m still working on the display but I will show you this new version soon 🙂

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