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King Penguin

Too late for posting my last digital work… I will post it tomorrow and for now here is another old Kerguelen inspiring sketch made in 2004.

Manchot royal - King Penguin
King Penguin – 2004

I was there for leading a support team and maintaining various geophysical programs. But we were free enough to help others scientific research groups and especialy the ornithologists. What a pleasure to see, study and even get in contact with these birds: penguin, albatross and many others. Before this experience, all my penguins drawing did not look like real penguins but like cartoons seen when I was young. Do you remember this little penguin with the bear on the ice floe? In fact, the bear lives in the north pole and the penguin in the south pole… they will never meet together! And there is several species really different by their size, appearance or behavior. The king penguin is curious, not so fearful of human and a little bit haughty. Getting closer to this animals and discover their lifestyle was one of my best experience.

Manchots royaux - King Penguins
King Penguin – 2003

And you, have you already seen a penguin or one of the giant of the sea like the albatross? If not, there is many place in the world to see them like in the South Island of New Zealand or in the south of South America.

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