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Zoé… and a mushroom

Today a little colourisation. The drawing was done in 2001 for the flash video game “Zoé va au Zoo”. Zoé is a little girl living in Scotland. She’s walking in the street when she is sucked by a spaceship where lived various animals speaking french… A great idea for an e-learning product from Dr Philippe Delcloque.

Jaquette du jeu - Game Jacket
Jacket sketch – 2001

Zoe – 2009

After many hours on this colourisation, I finally realised that the drawing was quite unbalanced with the big mushroom on the right pressed against Zoe and a large empty space on the left. In the sketch, this room was filled by a shrub.

Another strange part in this digital drawing are Zoe’s eyes, they look like asian eyes. The reason lies in the eyelid, the distance between the eyebrow and the eyelash and the eye’s width. The result is really weird!

In this drawing, all the strokes have been done with the pen tool under Photoshop. I have achieved the shadow with the normal brush tool on the character and painted all the landscape with a special brush tool really handy to create fractal surface.

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