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Vector Graphics

Today, I would like to present two little works made with Illustrator in 2007 for illutrating quizzes on Version Femina Website. Vector graphics are useful for logo creating while the picture is rescalable without damage.

The first one was drawn on paper before exporting in Ilustrator. I used the automatic vectorization tool to obtain a first vector graphic. Then I worked on the different paths created by the tool to get smoother and sharper outlines. Here is the result:

Ange et Démon - Angel and Demon

Is friendship between angel and evil a real way? Or is it two part of the same mind?

Another good fact using the vector graphic is the flexibility: colors and outlines are easily modifiable as you can see below.

Ange et Démon - Angel and Demon

The second illustration has been made from scratch in Illustrator. This one was to illustrate the quizz: What is your dark side? One of the result was manipulative.

Manipulatrice - Manipulative

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