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Frogs in watercolour

Today, some little frogs as I am one! I made these illustrations for a friend in 2001.

Frog drinking wine

To start, I sketch many little frogs with different items: beret, wine, cheese, petanque. The purpose of these illustrations was to characterize the France and the french. And what characterize more french culture than wine, cheese and frog?

Pétanque - Petanque

The next step is the watercolourisation! I love this medium for its light and its freshness. It suits perfectly the subject which would have to be fresh, light and funny, like a frog jumping out of the water. But the painting above has been retouched with Potoshop in 2001 when I was not really accustomed to this aplication. And so the result lacks lightness.

In the painting below, the skin has been painted in 2001 but I finished the colourisation today with Photoshop. The execution is lighter than the first one.

Frog eating Brie

A last one, just for the pleasure! I coloured this one yesterday from a drawing made in 2008.

Little frog

Voir la version française

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