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From the pencil drawing to the vector graphic

A little work for a friend: a flying robot to illustrate a competition (E=M6) made in 2001 or 2000. The competition’s purpose was to design and build a robot for bursting balloons!!! The engineers are definitely understandables, aren’t they? The carambar is a vitally required adding. Sugar is the best nutrient for the brain!

Robot volant - Flying robot
Original Drawing

The pencil use is not the best tool to create a sharp illustration. But with a good software and a lot of endurance, the result was workable to illustrate the student newspaper or the facebook. In fact, the PCs were so slow that the illustration retouching was never-ceasing. Fortunately I was not in charge of this part 🙂 My task was drawing accurately as much as possible the character! Here are an instance using a pen for the outlines and Conte pencils for the tones.

Balloon burster
Conte pencil drawing

Finally in 2005, I learned to use vector graphics editor application like Illustrator! So pleasant and handy! The drawing is sharp, the tones are perfect and the picture is scalable indefinitely without degrading.

Birthday Party invitation
Vector Graphics

This illustration was for a child birthday party.

Voir la version française

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