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Water or Oil Painting

Today, two samples of painting. I painted both when I was 17 to test the different technical methods. Oil painting is perfect for adding numerous alterations. In fact, it was also my favourite medium since I was a little bit too perfectionnist and never really satisfied about my rendered. On the other hand, I love the brightness, delicacy and simplicity of the watecolour.

The painting below was made from an advertising. Iwas especially interested by the red and yellow dominant in the desert landscape. In this painting, the mountains are stained  by a red and yelow shaded tones due to the sunset and to the stones colour.

Désert rouge - Bloody Desert
Bloody Desert

All the brushstrokes have been intentionally left unrefined for bringing out the wild part of the nature, the strength of the stone and the heat of the fire. Finally, the sun without paint coat seems like a hole of light above all.

The second painting is completely different from the first one. The first characterizes the fire, the second is more refreshing with the use of green and blue tones. The latter illustrates the peace and the silence of the nature living in an ancien stone backyard which seems cool and humid under the vegetation’s shadow.

Cour intérieure - Backyard
Old backyard

Voir la version française

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